Nanoscience and Technology

Volumes 121-123

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: A.L. Efros, C.Y. Li

Abstract: It is shown that negative electric permittivity ε and magnetic permeability μ recently discovered in a photonic crystal in the vicinity of...

Authors: C.C. Yang, Qing Jiang

Abstract: The size-dependent valence-conduction bandgap of semiconductor nanocrystals are predicted based on a model for size-dependent cohesive...

Authors: C. Zhao, Y.H. Chen, J. Sun, W. Lei, C.X. Cui, L.K. Yu, K. Li, Z.G. Wang

Abstract: Performing an event-based continuous kinetic Monte Carlo (KMC) simulation, We investigate the growth conditions which are important to form...

Authors: Y. Ming, Z.J. Ding

Abstract: The eigenvalue problem in a non-concentric circular quantum corral was studied with a conformal mapping method. The energy spectra of...

Authors: Ke Hua Zhong, Zhi Cheng Zhang, Bao Hua Shen, Mei Mei Lin, Qian Feng, Zhi Gao Huang

Abstract: Based on Monte Carlo simulation we study the coercivity of iron nanowire deposited in chemically widened anodic aluminum oxide films. The...

Authors: Zhi Gao Huang, Heng Lai, Jian Min Zhang, Jia Xin Li, Feng Ming Zhang, You Wei Du

Abstract: In this paper, we simulate the magnetization dynamic processes of the multilayer films, and calculate their hysteresis loop areas using...

Authors: Jian Zhong Fu, Xiao Bing Mi, Yong He, Zi Chen Chen

Abstract: Theoretical analysis of the ionized fluid flowing through a cone-shaped nanopore is presented. The internal cross section of the...

Authors: Hong Xia Fu, Chan Ghee Koh, Hu Chen, Chwee Teck Lim

Abstract: In this paper, the effects of Na+ concentration on the overstretching transition of B-DNA molecule at physiological temperature are studied...

Authors: X. Sun, P. Xiao, Z.J. Ding

Abstract: We have calculated angular and energy loss distributions of electrons transmitted through masks for electron projection lithography by...

Authors: Hui Xu, Guo Hua Xu, Yue An

Abstract: Several fundamental problems in hydrophobic force measurements by using AFM are discussed in this paper. A novel method for colloid probe...


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