Nanoscience and Technology

Volumes 121-123

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Chen, W.Z. Shen, W.S. Wei

Abstract: We report on room-temperature visible photoluminescence (PL) of B-doped hydrogenated nanocrystalline Si (nc-Si:H) thin films grown by...

Authors: C.X. Dong, A.P. Xian, En Hou Han, J.K. Shang

Abstract: Carbon doped titanium dioxide photocatalysts have been synthesized by a precipitation method. Anatase TiO2 was obtained when the...

Authors: Sheng Bo Sang, Chen Yang Xue, Wen Dong Zhang, Bin Zhen Zhang

Abstract: The stress is an important parameter of nano-thin film of the micro-structure. It is essential for the successful design and operation of...

Authors: H.H. Wang, Y.P. Zhao

Abstract: Nano-structured thin films of amorphous YBa2Cu3Ox were prepared by pulsed laser glancing angle deposition. Ambient oxygen pressure and...

Authors: X.G. Feng, F. Rong, Tao Wei, Chun Wei Yuan

Abstract: MCs are produced by cyanobacteria and cause concerns in potable water due to toxicity. Conventional treatments are poor at removing MCs. In...

Authors: Qi Hua Xiong, R. Gupta, J. Wang, G.D. Mahan, L.C. Lew Yan Voon, P.C. Eklund

Abstract: Raman scattering from surface optic (SO) phonons has been observed and identified in cylindrical and rectangular cross-section nanowires...

Authors: Jie Sun, Zhen Hua Zhang, Xiao Hui Cao

Abstract: The perovskite-type nanocrystal LaMnO3 was prepared using sol-gel auto-combustion method with citric acid as the chelating agent. Some...

Authors: Yang Ming Lu, Shu Yi Tsai, Jeng Jong Lu, Min Hsiung Hon

Abstract: The transparent conducting films have been investigated extensively because of their excellent electrical and optical properties in many...

Authors: Yi Jun Shi, Xin Feng, X.S. Diao, Huai Yuan Wang, Xiao Hua Lu

Abstract: The tribological and mechanical properties of carbon nanofiber (CNF)-filled polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) composites with different filler...

Authors: Joo Youl Huh, Heon Lee, William C. Johnson

Abstract: The coherent phase equilibria of binary nanoparticles, in which three phases can be formed, were examined by accounting for the particle...


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