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Authors: Qiang Xia, Yang Yan Lu, Ning Gu
Abstract:The solid lipid nanoparticles (SLNs) were prepared based on the phase behaviors of hot microemulsions which were quite different from normal...
Authors: D.H. Choi, W. Hwang
Abstract:A new calibration method of frictional forces in atomic force microscopy (AFM) is suggested. An angle conversion factor is defined using the...
Authors: Herman S. Mansur, Alexandra A.P. Mansur
Abstract:Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is a unique synthetic biocompatible polymer and it has a large number of hydroxyl groups that can react with many...
Authors: Yin Li Li, Jian Zhang, Shi Fa Wu, Peng Fei Li, Shi Pan
Authors: Herman S. Mansur, Juliano E. Oliveira
Abstract:The aim of this study was to characterize phospholipids bilayers deposited through Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) using Fourier Transform Infrared...
Authors: K.Eric Drexler
Abstract:Proposed advanced mechanosynthetic systems [1] require molecular tools able to bind and transfer reactive moieties with high reliability at...
Authors: J.Y. Hwang, S.S. Kim, J.R. Rhee
Abstract:MTJs of structure Si/SiO2/Ta/Ru/IrMn/CoFe/Ru/CoFe/Al-O/CoFe/NiFe/Ru with different surface roughness of bottom electrode were prepared by...
Authors: C.H. Zhang, S. Katsuki, J.G. Shi, H. Horita, T. Namihira, H. Akiyama
Abstract:In the development of our Z-pinch plasma EUV source, xenon (Xe) is used for the background gas discharges, and a solid tin (Sn) rod is used...
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