Nanoscience and Technology

Volumes 121-123

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Cui Hua Liu, Chao Gao, De Yue Yan

Abstract: Amphiphilic hyperbranched polyamidoamine (PAMAM) and poly(sulfone-amine) (HPSA) were prepared and their dye-encapsulation properties were...

Authors: S. Hou, X.Z. Feng, L.K. Wang, Q.L. Chan

Abstract: Microcontact printing (μCP) is a newly developed bioresearch technique applied in many fields such as absorption of proteins, adjunction...

Authors: Jae Min Kim, Yavuz Öztruk, Kwan Woon Shin

Abstract: We developed a simple method for the tensile properties of electrospun nanofibers by using a computerized spring-balance/step-motor setup....

Authors: Li Na Xu, K.C. Zhou, Sheng Li Xie, L. Huang, Ning Gu

Abstract: Molecular assembly technology has attracted much research attention due to its flexible applications in modulation of surface property and...

Authors: Qiang Zhao, X.F. Pang, Le Wei Liu, Bo Deng

Abstract: Iron oxide and its hydrate nanoparticles were synthesized by hydrothermal method and confirmed by infrared and SEM (Scanning Electron...

Authors: H.M. Chi, Z.D. Xiao, Xin Xing Xiao

Abstract: Weng`an fauna in Guizhou, China provides a unique window for the evolution of the early life especially since the animal embryos and sponge...

Authors: Sheng Li Xie, Li Na Xu, Ning Gu

Abstract: Nanoscale magnetic materials have been receiving increasing interest for their potential applications. One-dimensional magnetic particles...

Authors: Leng Nie, Li Zeng Gao, Xi Yun Yan, Tai Hong Wang

Abstract: Amino-modified tetrapod-like ZnO nanostructures were tried as novel carriers for mammalian cell transfections. The nanostructures consisted...

Authors: Garnpimol C. Ritthidej, W. Pichayakorn, Chulalongkorn Kusonwiriyawong, V. Lipipun

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to prepare chitosan nanoparticles (CS NP) for controlled protein delivery. Two techniques, simple ionotropic...

Authors: J.F. Sun, Zhi Rui Guo, Ning Gu

Abstract: A dumbbell-liked organ-metal composite was prepared with wet chemistry. Then the solution was subjected to AC e-field. Herein, three types...


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