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Authors: W. Sirikun, N. Vardhanabhuti, Sutanthavibul
Abstract:The conformational modification of model peptide (lysozyme), which was solubilized in various concentrations of aqueous-ethanolic solutions...
Authors: Sheng Min Zhang, Rui Rui Cao, Jian Liu, L. Liu, P. Lu, W. Zhou, L. Cheng, P.P. Chen, Q.M. Luo
Abstract:Crucumin (diferuloylmethane) is a major active component of turmeric, but its bioavailability of oral administration is very low. In order...
Authors: Ming Xu, Ying Hua Guan, Ning Xu, Zhang Yi Liang, Zhi Zhen Lu, Qi De Han, Xin Sheng Zhao, You Yi Zhang
Authors: Kai Ge Wang, Peng Ye Wang, Shuang Lin Yue, Ai Zi Jin, Chang Zhi Gu, Han Ben Niu
Abstract:In the emerging field of nanobiotechnology, further downsizing the fluidic channels and pores to the nanometer scale are attractive for both...
Authors: Jie Meng, Li Song, Jun Zhong, Chao Ying Wang, Hua Kong, Zi Yu Wu, Hai Yan Xu, Si Shen Xie
Abstract:Fibrinogen and albumin are two of the most important plasma proteins that relate to blood coagulation caused by engineered surfaces. In this...
Authors: Chang Sheng Li, Ke Hong Yan, Jun Mao Li, Xiao Ping Shen, Kang Min Chen
Abstract:It is well known that metal dichalcogenides MS2 (M=Mo, W, Nb, Ta, TiS, Zr ,Hf, S=S, Se) have lamellar structure, the bonds of adjacent...
Authors: Li Qiang Mai, Wen Chen, Yan Yuan Qi, Ying Dai, Wei Jin
Authors: Y.W. Zhu, C.H. Teo, X.J. Xu, T. Yu, Chwee Teck Lim, C.K. Ong, J.T.L. Thong, C.H. Sow
Abstract:The effects of oxygen (O2) reactive ion etching (RIE) on the field emission (FE) properties of aligned CuO nanowire films are investigated...
Authors: C.Y. Shi, Qi Wang, Shuang Lin Yue, Chang Zhi Gu
Abstract:Nanoscaled silicon cone arrays were formed on mirror-polished silicon wafers by plasma etching using hot filament chemical vapor deposition...
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