Nanoscience and Technology

Volumes 121-123

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: L.Q. Zhou, Ying Dai, Yue Ling Sun, Wen Chen

Abstract: A simple and cheap method has been applied to synthesize single-crystal uniform ZnO tubes with high yield in a hydrothermal process using...

Authors: Chun Ping Li, Yu Zhen Lv, Lin Guo, X.B. Xu, X.C. Ai, J.P. Zhang

Abstract: Monodisperse wurtzite ZnO nanorods with the length of 4 μm and the diameter of 200 nm were prepared via a simple solution chemical process....

Authors: Ya Lin Lu, Iyad A. Dajani, W.J. Mandeville, R.J. Knize, S.S. Mao

Abstract: In this research, nanoscale spatial resolution p-n junction photodetector arrays were developed using ZnO nanorod arrays grown on p-type...

Authors: C.X. Xu, X.W. Sun, Z.L. Dong, G.P. Zhu, Y.P. Cui

Abstract: In this paper, field emission from ZnO was studied by morphological and electronic design. By fabricating ZnO into nanopin structure with...

Authors: Jun Gao, Carl Picciotto

Abstract: In this paper, we will present theory for nDSE (nano-scale Displacement Sensing and Estimation) and its application framework: IDMA...

Authors: Zhen Qi Zhu, Hong Liang Cui

Abstract: With the progress of instrumentation in nanoscale visualization, tremendous sicentific dicoveries and understanding has been made. A great...

Authors: E.F. de Souza, O. Teschke

Abstract: The atomic force microscope (AFM) obtains its topographical information from the short-ranged repulsion resulting from the overlap of...

Authors: S. Perraud, C. David, Z.Z. Wang

Abstract: At the (110) cleaved surfaces of p-type GaAs with degenerate doping level, the negative differential resistance (NDR) inside of the band...

Authors: K. Keshoju, X. Gu, A.T. Kumar, L. Sun

Abstract: Electrochemical processing is a cost effective and low-temperature approach suitable for the fabrication of certain unique nanostructures...

Authors: Hua Ke, De Chang Jia, Wen Wang, Yu Zhou

Abstract: Thermal analysis and Raman spectra were carried out in SrBi2Ta2O9 (SBT) nanoparticles to investigate phase transitions. Two anomalies have...


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