Nanoscience and Technology

Volumes 121-123

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lai Jun Wang, Wei Li, M.H. Zhang, K.Y. Tao

Abstract: A series of bulk and supported NiB amorphous alloy catalysts with different particle sizes were prepared by different chemical reduction...

Authors: H.Y. Wang, Yi Yang Zhao, Z.Y. Li, Xiao Feng Lu, C. Wang, Yen Wei

Abstract: Poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) nanofibers containing functional ZnS nanoparticles have been successfully prepared by electrospinning technique....

Authors: Li Ping Xu, Ting Dun Wen, Xiao Feng Yang, Wen Dong Zhang

Abstract: It has been studied that the dependence of tunneling coefficient T on the ratio x of Ge, on the barrier width B L , on the well width W L...

Authors: Ki Don Kim, Young Suk Sim, Jun Ho Jeong, Hyun Kee Sohn, Eung Sug Lee, Sang Chan Lee, Ling Mei Fang

Abstract: We investigated the non-uniformity of the residual layer thickness caused by wafer deformation in an experiment that examined different...

Authors: Y.W. Jin, W. Liu, Yi Yang Zhao, C. Wang

Abstract: Functional self-assembled structure with well-defined shapes and dimensions are of great current interest. Porphyrins are attractive...

Authors: Heon Lee, Ki Yeon Yang, Sung Hoon Hong

Abstract: In order to build a nano-device on polymer substrate, nano-size patterning must be done. However, conventional photolithography cannot be...

Authors: Heon Lee, Ki Yeon Yang, Sung Hoon Hong, C.D. Schaper, Gun Young Jung

Abstract: Flexible polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) templates with nano-sized patterns were fabricated by spin coating of PVA resin on silicon master wafer....

Authors: Heon Lee, Joo Youl Huh, Ki Yeon Yang, Sung Hoon Hong, Gun Young Jung

Abstract: A faithful pattern transferring onto a non-planar substrate was demonstrated by nano-imprinting technique. Uniform pressing of a flexible...

Authors: Ze Wen Liu, Tian Ruo Zhang, Li Tian Liu, Zhi Jian Li

Abstract: A first result of realization of silicon nitride templates on 100mm silicon wafer as nanoinprint mold using simple wet etching method is...

Authors: Jing Wang, Hong Qi Li, Mei Hua Liu, Zhi Guo Zheng, Lin'an Li

Abstract: The macroscopical breakage and nature change of material usually originate in nanometer scale, and the nature of some materials depends on...


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