Nanoscience and Technology

Volumes 121-123

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sansiri Haruehanroengra, Wei Wang

Abstract: Optimizing arithmetic primitives such as quantum-dot cellular automata (QCA) adders is important for investigating high-performance QCA...

Authors: J. Xu, Katsunori Makihara, Hidenori Deki, Yoshihiro Kawaguchi, Hideki Murakami, Seiichiro Higashi, Seiichi Miyazaki

Abstract: Light emitting diode with MOS structures containing multiple-stacked Si quantum dots (QDs)/SiO2 was fabricated and the visible-infrared...

Authors: Xue Hua Tang, Zheng You, Yong Jun Yang, Hong Tao He

Abstract: In this paper, a comb-driving tunneling magnetometer based on the tunneling effect is introduced. The designation, manufacture and tests of...

Authors: Hullathy Subban Ganapathy, H.S. Hwang, Yeong Tae Jeong, Jung Teag Kim, Chang Sik Ju, Kwon Taek Lim

Abstract: Rapid Expansion of Supercritical carbon dioxide Solutions (RESS) containing CO2-soluble, fluorinated ester substituted polythiophene:...

Authors: X. Wang, D.C. Zhang, J. Li, Z. You, B. Cai

Abstract: Our experiments highlight that gold-silicon eutectics are fairly influenced by the thickness of Au layer and the wastage of Si, i.e. the...

Authors: Hui Min Huang, Z.Y. Li, C. Wang

Abstract: Polyaniline doped with camphorsulfonic acid (PANI.HCSA) nanofibers have been successfully prepared using “nanofibers template” via...

Authors: T.C. Shang, F. Yang, C. Wang

Abstract: The electrospinning technology has been used to fabricate organic nanofibers. As the nanofibers are aligned parallel and crossed, unique...

Authors: Bo Liu, Zhi Tang Song, Song Lin Feng, Bomy Chen

Abstract: Nano-cell-elements of chalcogenide random access memory (C-RAM) based on Ge2Sb2Te5 films have been successively fabricated by using the...


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