Nanoscience and Technology

Volumes 121-123

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: B. Li, Q. Chen

Abstract: In situ UV-LIGA assembled robust micro check valves with large flow rates (>10 ml/s, displacement related), high-pressure support ability...

Authors: J.H. Kim, Hyo Jin Oh, Nam Hee Lee, S.H. Shin, Sun Jae Kim
Authors: Bin Fei, Yi He Zhang, J.H. Xin

Abstract: In order to achieve better photocatalytic performance, rutile dispersion in anatase was obtained from titanium isopropoxide (TIP) in a...

Authors: Ze Chao Di, Yan Hui Li, Xian Jia Peng, Zhao Kun Luan, Ji Liang

Abstract: Ceria nanoparticles supported on aligned carbon nanotubes (CeO2/ACNTs), a novel adsorbent for fluoride from drinking water, were prepared...

Authors: Jin Hyung Park, Ung Yu Paik, Jea Gun Park

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to reveal the mechanism of wafer touch polishing by high purity colloidal silica slurry containing organic...

Authors: Xiao Hong Sun, Xiao Ming Tao, Pu Xue, Jian Guo Deng, Kwan Kai Cheong

Abstract: In this article, low-threshold random laser with one mirror and feedback is investigated in PMMA film containing Rhodamine 590 and TiO2...

Authors: X.J. Han, Z.M. Huang, L. Liu, C.L. He, Q.S. Wu, Yan Li

Abstract: Functional core-shell structured composite nanofibers can be fabricated by means of electrospinning of two polymer solvents in a coaxial,...

Authors: Dong Seok Seo, Hwan Kim, Jong Kook Lee

Abstract: In this study, it was demonstrated how second phases with small amount, which are hardly detected by XRD analysis, affect grain boundary...

Authors: Eglantina Benavente, Yuri Echeverría, Vladimir Lavayen, Clivia M. Sotomayor Torres, G. Gonzáles

Abstract: The intercalation of [Eu(2,2 bipyridine)2 ]3+ and [Eu(1,10 phenantroline)2]3+ into bentonite results in new nanocomposites which preserve...


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