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Authors: K.M. Liew, C.H. Wong, Ming Jen Tan, P.D. Chuang
Abstract:Compressive and tensile properties of non-twisted and twisted carbon nanotube (CNT) bundles are studied using molecular dynamics (MD)...
Authors: S. Tsantzalis, P. Tsotra, P. Karapappas, A. Vavouliotis, N. Fanis, V. Kostopoulos, Klaus Friedrich
Abstract:Vapor growth carbon nanofibers (CNFs), lead zirconate titanate piezoelectric (PZT) particles, as well as a combination of these two were...
Authors: Kai Duan, Xiao Zhi Hu
Abstract:This paper describes a statistical method for evaluating the surface flaw distributions responsible for the improved strength and...
Authors: B. May, M.R. Hartwich, R. Stengler, W.P. Weinhold, Xian Guo Hu
Authors: Klaus Friedrich, Min Zhi Rong, Ming Qiu Zhang
Abstract:Nano-sized silica was pre-grafted with poly(glycidyl methacrylate) (PGMA) by solution free-radical polymerization. When these grafted silica...
Authors: Xian Ming Liu, Shao Yun Fu
Abstract:Spherical NiO nanocrystals were obtained by thermal decomposition of the precursor obtained via a hydrothermal method using urea as...
Authors: Ying Dai, Xing Ji, Yiu Wing Mai
Abstract:Nylon 6/clay nanocomposites are comprised of nylon 6 matrix filled with montmorillonite platelets (MMT) [1, 2]. It is interest that the MMT...
Authors: You Ping Wu, Jie Yang, Y.C. Qian, Li Qun Zhang
Authors: Jian Feng Chen, Guo Quan Wang, Xiao Fei Zeng, Hong Ying Zhao
Abstract:Nanocomposites of nanosized-CaCO3/polypropylene-ethylene copolymer (PPE) and nanosized CaCO3/ PPE/ styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) were...
Authors: Cheng Hai Hong, C.H. Lee, J.S. Choi, S.M. Hong, Hyoung Jin Choi
Abstract:As an effective way to enhance various properties of polymer, polymer/clay nanocompoiste is being adopted since it can hybrid the properties...
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