Advances in Nanomaterials and Processing

Volumes 124-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Kyu Lee, Young Ok Yoon, Shae K. Kim

Abstract: Molten Mg alloys burn rapidly in air if not protected. In order to handle molten Mg safely, the molten metal should be protected from...

Authors: Gon Seung Yang, Jong Kook Lee, Woo Yang Jang

Abstract: This research has been performed to investigate the effect of ageing onto the grain refinement of 82wt%Cu-13.5wt%Al-4.5wt%Ni-0.1wt% misch...

Authors: Jung Pyung Choi, Won Jung Kim, Tae Woon Nam, Eui Pak Yoon

Abstract: This paper investigates the effect of Bubbling and AlCuP on primary Si size in Al-18%Si alloy. Bubbling process and AlCuP treatment are...

Authors: Sang Suk Kim, Sung Yeal Bae, In Sup Ahn, Cheol Jin Kim, Ki Won Kim, Kwon Koo Cho

Abstract: Ni-3at.%W alloy tapes for YBCO coated conductor were fabricated by powder metallurgy process including powder compaction, cold isostatic...

Authors: Y.H. Kim, H.C. Kim, Yeon Gil Jung, J.H. Lee, B.H. Chi, S.H. Ryu

Abstract: The influence of solidification rates and Cr equivalents on the formation of the ferrite was studied by directional solidification in mod....

Authors: Dae Han Yoo, Hee Sam Kang, Woo Young Yoon

Abstract: To synthesize a crystalline-glass composite in a Cu-based bulk metallic glass, the monotectic reaction was used. The (Zr-Sn-Pb)-rich...

Authors: Baig Gyu Choi, In Soo Kim, Doo Hyun Kim, Chang Yong Jo

Abstract: MC decompositions during thermal exposure have been investigated in three conventional cast Ni-base superalloys, GTD111, IN738LC, and...

Authors: Jung Geun Jhin, Jae Hong Choi, Jong Hyeob Baek, Dong Jin Byun

Abstract: The degree of preference of thin anatase TiO2 films prepared by CVD for the <112> orientation was enhanced by pretreating the soda-lime...

Authors: Dong Hwan Song, Gon Seung Yang, Jong Kook Lee

Abstract: Series of TiCrN wear resistant coatings have been known to be superior to other coatings in protecting tools which may be damaged...

Authors: Hyeon Taek Son, J.M. Hong, Ik Hyun Oh, Jae Seol Lee, T.S. Kim, Kouichi Maruyama

Abstract: Mg97Zn1Y2 alloy powders were prepared from gas atomization process, followed by consolidation using spark plasma sintering (SPS) process....


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