Advances in Nanomaterials and Processing

Volumes 124-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Taek Kyun Jung, T.J. Sung, Mok Soon Kim, W.Y. Kim

Abstract: Bulk Al-8Fe-2Mo-2V-1Zr (wt.%) alloys were produced by melt spinning which can give rise to develope a nano crystalline structure in terms...

Authors: Sea Hoon Lee, Yoshio Sakka, Yutaka Kagawa

Abstract: Hydrolysis and dispersing behavior of aqueous ZrB2 slurry were investigated. The isoelectric point (IEP) of ZrB2 slurry was measured to be...

Authors: Dong Jin Kim, Hong Pyo Kim, Joung Soo Kim, Yun Soo Lim, Seong Sik Hwang

Abstract: Growth model of a circumferential outer diameter stress corrosion crack (ODSCC) in a retired steam generator tube of the Kori 1 nuclear...

Authors: Sung Yu Kim, Hyuk Sang Kwon, Hee San Kim

Abstract: More than 2% δ-ferrite phase is presented in type 316L stainless steels due to improvement of hot workability or welding process. In order...

Authors: Won Seog Yang, Seung Ho Ahn, Jung Gu Kim, Seung Chan Na, Woon Suk Hwang

Abstract: The aim of this work is to evaluate the difference in the corrosion resistance between unleaded containing bismuth automotive epoxy primers...

Authors: Bong-Hwan Kim, Sang Mok Lee, Je Sik Shin, B.M. Moon

Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of air plasma spraying process parameters on the tribological behavior and surface...

Authors: Seong Sik Hwang, Yun Soo Lim, Hong Pyo Kim, Joung Soo Kim, Larry Thomas

Abstract: Since the PbSCC(Lead stress corrosion cracking) of alloy 600 tubing materials was reported by Copson and Dean in 1965, the effect of lead...

Authors: Koo Hyun Lee, K.H. Ye, S.T. Kim, Chae Hong Jeon, Yo Seung Song, Jong Hyun Seo, Bae Yeon Kim, Myung Hyun Lee, Nam Ihn Cho, Deuk Yong Lee

Abstract: Bond coatings, CoNiCrAlY, are prepared on Inconel 738 substrate by vacuum plasma spray (VPS). Mechanical properties of VPSed CoNiCrAlY...

Authors: Jong Hyun Seo

Abstract: In order to prevent pitting corrosions in aluminum thin film, zirconium incorporated chemical conversion coating on sputtered aluminum film...

Authors: Deog Ryung Kim, Chan Jin Park

Abstract: Effects of Si, W and Cu on the localized and stress corrosion of 18 % Cr austenitic stainless steel were investigated using experimetal...


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