Advances in Nanomaterials and Processing

Volumes 124-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M. Gustavsson, Hideaki Nagai, Takeshi Okutani

Abstract: In modern thermal analysis and design involving thermal transport in solid components it is necessary to apply different modeling of the...

Authors: Seong Joo Lim, Ho Joon Choi, Kyoung Hoan Na, C.H. Lee

Abstract: Experiments under a cold rotary swaging process have been conducted to investigate the dimensional characteristics of the swaged tube and...

Authors: Jung Min Nam, Jae Hwa Lee, Yun Jung Lee, Tae Hyun Nam

Abstract: Ti-51Ni(at%) and Ti-40Ni-10Cu(at%) alloy wires with diameters of 0.3mm, 0.5mm and 0.7mm were prepared by drawing the alloy ingots...

Authors: Chan Wook Kim, Yasuhiro Watanabe, Susumu Nanao

Abstract: In order to investigate the atomic structure of sputtered-deposited Fe76Tb24 amorphous film, we performed X-ray anomalous scattering (XAS)...

Authors: Mee Kyung Song, Jung Sup Kim, Kyoung Tai No

Abstract: A theoretical method to study the encapsulation of H2 molecules in the cavities of Cs3Na9-A zeolite has been proposed. To study the...

Authors: Deuck Seung Bae, Woo Sang Jung, Suk Woo Hong, Sang Min Song, Soon Hyo Chung, Kyung Tae Hong, Kyung Sub Lee

Abstract: Ferritic steels have been candidate structural materials for first wall and blanket structures of fusion power plant since the late 1970’s,...

Authors: Yong Gyu Choi

Abstract: Ga K-edge EXAFS spectra have been analyzed to elucidate the local coordination structure of Ga in two representative selenide Ge-As-Se and...

Authors: Hi Won Jeong, Seung Eon Kim, Chang Yong Jo, Yong Tae Lee, Joong Kuen Park

Abstract: The titanium alloys containing the Nb transition elements have been investigated as the Ni-free shape memory and the biomedical alloys with...

Authors: Yong Won Lee, Jong Hoon Kim, Young Sik Song, Chang Sung Seok

Abstract: The formation of intermetallic compounds in brazed joints between SUS304 and nickel-based filler metal is a major concern, since they...

Authors: Sang Sik Kang, Ji Koon Park, Byung Youl Cha, Jung Woog Shin, So Yeong Kim, Chi Woong Mun, Kun Hwan Lee, Hyung Won Lee, Sang Hee Nam

Abstract: Amorphous selenium (a-Se) film has the potential to fulfill the requirements of a novel x-ray image detector because of its good...


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