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Authors: Takuya Ide, Masakazu Tane, Hideo Nakajima
Abstract:Lotus-type porous NiAl and Ni3Al intermetallic compounds, possessing cylindrical pores aligned in the direction parallel to the...
Authors: J.S. Park, Soong Keun Hyun, Masakazu Tane, Hideo Nakajima
Abstract:We investigated the pore morphology in lotus-type porous copper fabricated by continuous casting technique as a function of transference...
Authors: Ju Yong Jung, Youn Su Kim, Hee Sang Shim, Won Bae Kim
Abstract:A network structure of gold nanowires was prepared from a template synthesis method, in which gold metal nanowires were first deposited into...
Authors: Y. Kim, Soo Ryong Kim, B.G. Song, Vikram V. Dabhade, B.K. Sea, Woo Teck Kwon
Abstract:Ceramic membranes having nano sized pores have great potential for gas separation at high temperature due to their good thermal stability....
Authors: Akula Venugopal, Jelliarko Palgunadi, Oh Shim Joo, Kwang Deog Jung
Abstract:A series of Cu-Zn-Al catalysts from the precursors with the hydrotalcite-like structure were prepared, and these catalysts admixed with...
Authors: Selvaraj Rengaraj, Jei Won Yeon, Xiang Zhong Li, Yongju Jung, Won Ho Kim
Abstract:In the present work, TiO2 and Ag-TiO2 catalysts were prepared by an ultrasonic assisted sol-gel method. The physico-chemical characteristics...
Authors: Eun Yong Ko, Eun Duck Park, Hyun Chul Lee, Doo Hwan Lee, Soon Ho Kim
Abstract:Au/CeO2 catalysts prepared by a deposition-precipitation and a co-precipitation method were applied to CO oxidation in the absence and...
Authors: Kyung Hoon Kim, Young Son Choe, Hye Young Ju, Dae Won Park, Sang Wook Park
Abstract:The synthesis of dimethyl carbonate(DMC) was investigated using four differently supported quaternary ammonium salt catalysts to facilitate...
Authors: Jong Ki Jeon, Hyun Ju Park, Jin Heong Yim, Ji Man Kim, Jin Ho Jung, Young Kwon Park
Abstract:Applicability of Al-MCM-48 as a catalyst for the linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) degradation was investigated using a...
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