Advances in Nanomaterials and Processing

Volumes 124-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kwan Sun Yoon, Tae Young Won

Abstract: In this paper, we present ab-initio study on the energy configurations, minimum energy path (MEP), and migration energy of neutral indium...

Authors: Kyung Soo Kim, Seung Cheol Lee, Kwang Real Lee, Pil Ryung Cha

Abstract: Developments of tetrahedral amorphous carbon (ta-C) films having low residual compressive stress are essential to extend the applicability...

Authors: Chang Soo Kim, Tae Kyoung Koo, Young Dae Choi

Abstract: In the study, an interlayer was observed in a nano-meter scale SiO2 overlayer on Si substrate by X-ray reflectivity(XRR) analysis and a new...

Authors: Dong Hyun Jung, Dae Jin Kim, Tae Bum Lee, Ja Heon Kim, Seung Hoon Choi

Abstract: We performed grand canonical Monte Carlo simulations on the series of MOFs, that are Metal-Organic Frameworks having various organic...

Authors: Sung Han Park, Jeong Whan Han, Chang Hee Lee, Hyung Jun Kim

Abstract: A cold spray process is a relatively new process using high velocity metallic particles for surface modifications. Metallic powder...

Authors: Sang Joo Lee, Seung Woo Han, Jae Hyun Kim, Hak Joo Lee

Abstract: It is quite difficult to accurately measure the mechanical properties of thin films. Currently, there are several methods (or application)...

Authors: L.T. Tu, N.V. Vuong, N.T. Hieu, Cheol Gi Kim, Chong Oh Kim

Abstract: The squareness factor γ used to evaluates for criterion allowing quick estimation of the quality of NdFeB melt-spun powders on...

Authors: Kyung Hoon Lee, Ji Whan Ahn, Hee Chan Cho, Kwang Suk You, Gi Chun Han, Nam Il Um

Abstract: Bottom ash generated from municipal solid waste incinerators in metropolitan areas contain calcium and aluminum compounds. As a result of a...

Authors: Youn Gae Kim, Joo Hong Choi, Liang Yu, Young Cheoul Bak

Abstract: The catalytic filter, a ceramic filter supported SCR catalyst, is a promising material for treating particulates and NOX simultaneously....

Authors: Sun Sang Kwon, Sang Hoon Jeon, Jeong Kuk Shon, Duck Hee Kim, Ih Seop Chang, Ji Man Kim

Abstract: To improve lipase activity and make the particulate carrier for practical application, lipase was conjugated to chitosan(Mwavg=80,000) by...


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