Semi-Solid Processing of Alloys and Composites X

Volumes 141-143

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Plato Kapranos, Ryoji Nakamura, Ermanno Bertoli, Annalisa Pola, Zigor Azpilgain, Inaki Hurtado

Abstract: Extrusion is a well established technology for the production of complex sections of aluminium alloys. Thixo-extrusion in comparison to...

Authors: Bernd Arno Behrens, Dirk Fischer, Ahmed Rassili

Abstract: Inductive re-heating of billets is the state-of-the-art method to enable the desired liquid fraction for thixoforming. In laboratory...

Authors: Rainer Gasper, Alexander Schönbohm, Manfred Enning, Dirk Abel

Abstract: The inductive heating of the feedstock material is a very important step in the processing of semi solid metals. On the one hand, the...

Authors: N. Barman, J. Mukherjee, P. Dutta

Abstract: In this work, a numerical model for induction heating is proposed. The heating process considers only interaction of electromagnetic...

Authors: Yi Tao Yang, Jian Fu Wang, Heng Hua Zhang, Guang Jie Shao

Abstract: To enhance the comprehension on the internal rule of microstructure evolvement and quality-controlled relativity, the microstructure during...

Authors: Matthias Bünck, Fabian Küthe, Andreas Bührig-Polaczek, Alexander Arnold, Bernd Friedrich, Roger Sauermann

Abstract: Semi-solid forming offers new potentials for processing of high reactive and hot crack susceptible aluminium-lithium wrought alloys. With...

Authors: E.P. Masuku, Gonasagren Govender, L. Ivanchev, Heinrich Möller

Abstract: Rheocasting of alloys A206 and A201 was investigated in this study. Conical bars with different silver contents were produced using CSIR...

Authors: Yong Lin Kang, Liu Qing Yang, Ren Bo Song, Fan Zhang, Tao Tao

Abstract: An improved and self-developed semisolid preparing and rheomoulding device — rotating barrel rheomoulding machine (RBRM) for light alloys...

Authors: Xiang Jie Yang, Hong Min Guo

Abstract: Rheo-die casting (RDC) based on LSPSF (low superheat pouring with a shear field) rheocasting process has been exploited. In case of...

Authors: G. Kunene, Gonasagren Govender, L. Ivanchev, R.D. Knutsen, H.P. Burger

Abstract: The CSIR rheo-process was used to prepare the aluminium A356 SSM slurries and thereafter plates (4x80x100 mm3) were cast using a 50 Ton...


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