Semi-Solid Processing of Alloys and Composites X

Volumes 141-143

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yücel Birol

Abstract: Semi-solid processing of aluminium and magnesium alloys has matured to become a well established manufacturing route for the production of...

Authors: Ryoji Nakamura, T. Asai, Hisaki Watari, Shinji Kumai

Abstract: Rheo-casting of 4045 aluminum alloy bar was operated using an unequal diameter twin roll caster and a cooling slope. The semisolid slurry...

Authors: Annalisa Pola, Roberto Roberti, Michael Modigell, Lars Pape

Abstract: A new aluminum alloy (AlSi5Mg0.5Cu0.3Ag) for semisolid die-casting applications was designed, starting from computational thermodynamics...

Authors: Michael Modigell, Lars Pape

Abstract: When analysing semi-solid metal alloys or any other suspension in rheometers a major problem is related to wall slip effects which lead to...

Authors: Andreas N. Alexandrou, Nicholas Constantinou, Georgios Georgiou

Abstract: When SSM material is subjected to a sudden transient the rate of buildup (aging) is negligible compared to the rate of breakdown (shear...

Authors: W.C. Keung, Y.F. Lee, Wei Wei Shan, Shou Jing Luo

Abstract: Thixotropy is essential to semi-solid processing, and because of it the semi-solid material is characterized by ‘shear shinning’. Here,...

Authors: Krzysztof P. Sołek, Zbigniew Mitura, Mirosław Karbowniczek, Plato Kapranos, Roman Kuziak, Jan Dutkiewicz

Abstract: The main goal of this work is the analysis of rheological properties of steel alloy at high temperatures, just below the solidus point, and...

Authors: Michael Modigell, Lars Pape, Ksenija Vasilic

Abstract: The direct analysis and the inverse parameter fitting are methods for determination of unknown material parameters in rheometry. In this...

Authors: Christopher M. Gourlay, Somboon Otarawanna, B. Meylan, Arne K. Dahle

Abstract: This paper studies the conditions under which strain localisation occurs in partially solid alloys and compares localisation in rheology...

Authors: Manel da Silva, Alain Lemieux, Hugues Blanchette, X. Grant Chen

Abstract: The “Rheo-Characterizer” is an apparatus designed to assess the quality control of the semi-solid material. The working principle is based...


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