Semi-Solid Processing of Alloys and Composites X

Volumes 141-143

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: David J. Browne, M. Scanlan, A. Bates

Abstract: A novel technique for the production of functionally gradient materials, developed by the authors, is presented. The process is known as...

Authors: David H. StJohn, Mark Easton, Ma Qian

Abstract: This paper will use a new method for predicting grain size and then apply it to various solidification environments to reveal which factors...

Authors: Wei Wei Wang, Jian Li Song, Shou Jing Luo

Abstract: Preparation of semi-solid microstructure of 7075 aluminum alloy industrial extrusion billets was studied in this paper. A new semi-solid...

Authors: A. Mahdavi, M. Bigdeli, M. Hajian Heidary, F. Khomamizadeh

Abstract: In this work, effective parameters of SIMA process to obtain non dendritic microstructure in A356 alloy were investigated. In addition, the...

Authors: N. Hari Babu, S. Tzamtzis, N. Barekar, J.B. Patel, Z. Fan

Abstract: Current processing methods for metal matrix composites (MMC) often produces agglomerated reinforced particles in the ductile matrix and...

Authors: S. Ghadiani, Hossein Aashuri, Ali Khosravani, A. Foroughi

Abstract: A simple method for estimating the apparent viscosity of semi-solid alloys was investigated. A drop weight of 50Kg and backward extrusion...

Authors: D.S. Kim, C.G. Kang, S.M. Lee

Abstract: This study demonstrated nanoindentation techniques of investigating the effects of size and feature in a microstructure on the mechanical...

Authors: M. Hajian Heidary, M. Bigdeli, A. Mahdavi, F. Khomamizadeh

Abstract: In this study, in order to compare effect of unidirectional compression and rolling on final microstructure of strain induced melt...

Authors: M. Moradi, Mahmoud Nili-Ahmadabadi, B. Heidarian, Mohammad Habibi-Parsa

Abstract: Semi- solid (SS) processing technologies provide the production of metal parts with homogeneous, fine and globular – grained...

Authors: Reza Haghayeghi, Yuan Liu, Zhong Yun Fan

Abstract: Melt Conditioned Direct Chill (MC-DC) casting is a new development for producing high-quality billets and slabs. In the MC-DC process,...


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