Semi-Solid Processing of Alloys and Composites X

Volumes 141-143

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M. Ghahremainian, Behzad Niroumand

Abstract: In this work Al-7wt%Si-10wt%SiCp composites were produced by injection of the reinforcement in the form of SiCp particles or a specially...

Authors: Shae K. Kim, Young Chul Lee

Abstract: Novel In-mold rheocasting, which can satisfy all the development direction of rheocasting, has been successfully developed. In-mold...

Authors: Zhi Feng Zhang, Jun Xu, Yue Long Bai, Li Kai Shi

Abstract: An advanced rheo-diecasting technique, based on a modified multi-electromagnetic stirring continuous preparation (MSCP) process was...

Authors: Jin Kyu Lee, Shae K. Kim, Young Chul Lee

Abstract: Novel hot chamber rheo-diecasting process has been successfully developed. It requires no additional processing equipment except commonly...

Authors: Zan Bian, I. Bayandorian, H.W. Zhang, Z. Fan

Abstract: Recently, BCAST at Brunel University has developed a MCAST (melt conditioning by advanced shear technology) process for conditioning liquid...

Authors: H.V. Atkinson, P.J. Ward

Abstract: For hypereutectic Al/Si alloys, one of the advantages of thixoforming in comparison with casting routes is the relatively short processing...

Authors: Jean Christophe Pierret, Ahmed Rassili, G. Vaneetveld, Jacqueline Lecomte-Beckers, Régis Bigot

Abstract: The development of the thixoforming process made great progress since its beginning. But whereas thixoforming of aluminium and other low...

Authors: Ahmed Rassili, Marc Robelet, Régis Bigot

Abstract: The deformation process of steel in the semi-solid state, or thixoforming is an alternative solution to the classical industrial processes...

Authors: Antonio Forn, Sergi Menargues, Enric Martín, Josep A. Picas

Abstract: This work is a contribution to improve the knowledge of components behavior produced by semi-solid processes particularly the...

Authors: A. Narimannezhad, Hossein Aashuri, Amir Hossein Kokabi, Ali Khosravani, M. Kiani, A. Foroughi

Abstract: A technique to achieve the globular weld structure using stirring the localized semisolid zone during butt-joining of zinc AG40A (Zamak-3)...


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