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Authors: Christopher L. Frewin, Camilla Coletti, Christian Riedl, Ulrich Starke, Stephen E. Saddow

Abstract: A comprehensive study on the hydrogen etching of numerous SiC polytype surfaces and orientations has been performed in a hot wall CVD...

Authors: Charíya Virojanadara, M. Hetzel, Leif I. Johansson, Wolfgang J. Choyke, Ulrich Starke

Abstract: The atomic and electronic structure of 4H-SiC(1 1 02) surfaces were investigated using scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), low-energy...

Authors: J. Bernhardt, A. Seubert, M. Nerding, Ulrich Starke, A. Heinz
Authors: A. Oliveros, Camilla Coletti, Christopher L. Frewin, Christopher Locke, Ulrich Starke, Stephen E. Saddow

Abstract: An ever-increasing demand for biocompatible materials provides motivation for the development of advanced materials for challenging...

Authors: T. Acartürk, Kurt Semmelroth, Gerhard Pensl, Stephen E. Saddow, Ulrich Starke

Abstract: The concentration of nitrogen and phosphorous in SiC bulk material and epitaxial layers was investigated using time-of-flight secondary ion...

Authors: Roland Püsche, Martin Hundhausen, Lothar Ley, Kurt Semmelroth, Gerhard Pensl, Patrick Desperrier, Peter J. Wellmann, Eugene E. Haller, J.W. Ager, Ulrich Starke

Abstract: We study electronic Raman scattering of phosphorus and nitrogen doped silicon carbide (SiC) as a function of temperature in the range 7K <...

Authors: Christian Riedl, J. Bernardt, K. Heinz, Ulrich Starke

Abstract: The evolution and structure of graphene layers on 4H-SiC(0001) and the corresponding interface are investigated by scanning tunneling...

Authors: Ameer Al-Temimy, Christian Riedl, Ulrich Starke

Abstract: By carbon evaporation under ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) conditions, epitaxial graphene can be grown on SiC(0001) at significantly lower...

Authors: S. Soubatch, Ulrich Starke
Authors: Christian Riedl, Camilla Coletti, Takayuki Iwasaki, Ulrich Starke

Abstract: In this report we review how intrinsic drawbacks of epitaxial graphene on SiC(0001) such as n-doping and strong electronic influence of the...

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