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Authors: Radosław Zaleski, Waldemar Dolecki, Jacek Goworek

Abstract: Positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy study of n-heptane adsorption and desorption on silica gel Si-60 gives insight into a free...

Authors: Jing Jing Liang, Zong Bin Zhao, Han Hu, Jie Shan Qiu

Abstract: This work presents a facile approach to grow carbon nanotubes (CNTs) on the surface of carbon foams (CFs) for the fabrication of...

Authors: Chutarat Saengkul, Panee Pakkong, Katavut Pachana, Pichan Sawangwong

Abstract: Sediments play an important role on fate in the diffusion of radionuclide in aquatic systems. In this study, the investigation of the...

Authors: Shan Yu, Chang Hai Li, Dong Mei Jia

Abstract: The hydroxyl alumina impregnated weakly basic resin composite (D301Al) successfully prepared through incorporation of hydroxyl alumina into...

Authors: Jozef Kačur, Jozef Minár

Abstract: We model the flow of the contaminated water through the porous media sample. We model the inflow of water, flux of water in the sample, flux...

Authors: K. Hayashi, I. Inasaki, Toshiaki Wakabayashi, Satoshi Suda, Shinya Suzuki, H. Yokota, Tomohiro Aoyama, M. Nakamura
Authors: Qing Ming Jia, Shao Yun Shan, Li Hong Jiang, Ya Ming Wang

Abstract: Polyaniline with different morphologies doped by nitric acid were prepared using rapid mixture method. Scanning electron microscopy analysis...

Authors: M. Johari Roudi, T. Mahmoodi

Abstract: Graphene is a 2D lattice of Carbon atoms which has a high potential to use it for hydrogen storage. In this paper we have studied...

Authors: Min Zhang, Xiao Cai Yu, Min Jing Li, Wei Chen

Abstract: Water-insoluble chitin betainate was environmentally friendly prepared by esterifying chitin with betaine hydrochloride in the presence of...

Authors: M.A. Sri Asliza, K. Mohd Zaheruddin, Rahmat Azmi, Shamsul Baharin Jamaludin, Rafezi Ahmad Khairel

Abstract: Ni deposited Hydroxyapatite powder was prepared by electroless deposition technique without sensitization and activation treatments. The...

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