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Authors: Yao Ning Sun, Ding Fan, Yu Feng Zheng, Min Zheng, Jian Bin Zhang

Abstract: Laser cladding technique was used to form Ni3Si intermetallic composite coating reinforced by in-situ formation NbC particles on Ni-based...

Authors: Zhao Bing Cai, Xue Jia Pang, Xiu Fang Cui, Xin Wen, Zhe Liu, Mei Ling Dong, Yang Li, Guo Jin

Abstract: In order to improve the surface properties of Ti-6Al-4V, high-entropy alloy coatings were prepared by in-situ laser cladding on the surface...

Authors: Fang Zhou, Hui Yao Yang, Liang Hua He

Abstract: A Fe-based composite coating reinforced with in situ synthesized TiC-TiB2 particles was successfully fabricated on Q235A by laser...

Authors: Xue Liu, Sen Yang

Abstract: To extend the mould cycle duration and to reduce cost, a TiB2 particulate reinforced Cu based composite coating was produced on hot-working...

Authors: Yu Ling Yang, Wei Yan, Duo Zhang, Gen Zong Song, Yi Ran Zheng

Abstract: The insitu-fabrication of TiCN ceramic coating by laser cladding-laser nitriding technique (LC-LN) was investigated. Pulsed YAG laser with...

Authors: Chi Sheng Chien, Yu Sheng Ko, Tsung Yuan Kuo, Tze Yuan Liao, Ting Fu Hong, Tzer Min Lee

Abstract: Hydroxyapatite (HA) is a frequently used bioactive coating material. However, when HA coating is soaked in the simulated body fluid (SBF),...

Authors: Alexandru Pascu, Iosif Hulka, Mircea Horia Tierean, Catalin Croitoru, Elena Manuela Stanciu, Ionut Claudiu Roată

Abstract: This paper addresses to the characterization of Ni based coatings realized by two different processes e.g. thermal spray coating and laser...

Authors: Fei Wang, Xi Chen Yang

Abstract: The powder feeder head is studied, which is one of the key to laser cladding. In view of many coaxial nozzles that are used nowadays, we...

Authors: Lino Costa, Imre Felde, Tamás Réti, Zoltán Kálazi, Rogerio Colaço, Rui Vilar, Balázs Verő
Authors: Shu Fa Chen, Cheng Long Feng, Jin Yang, Jin Song Chen

Abstract: NiCr/Cr3C2-WS2-CaF2 mixed powders were prepared on 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel substrate to fabricate high-temperature self-lubrication wear...

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