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Authors: Ke Qiang Xie, Zhan Liang Yu, Wen Hui Ma, Yang Zhou, Yong Nian Dai
Abstract: In this paper, removal of iron from metallurgical grade silicon with pressure leaching is carried out. We investigated the factors such as the concentration of hydrochloric, particle size of raw material ground, temperature, pressure and reaction time, which influenced on the removal of iron. The results show that the optimum operating conditions for pressure leaching in hydrochloride are: acid concentration 4 mol/L, diameter for raw material less than 50 μm, leaching temperature 160 0C,leaching pressure 2.0 MPa, leaching time 2.0 h. The content of iron residual in MG-Si powder was reduced to about 200 ppmw. The removal efficiency of iron is up to 90.90 %.
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