Advances in Experimental Mechanics VI

Volumes 13-14

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: C. Li, Chao Nan Xu, Yusuke Imai, Wen Xue Wang, Lin Zhang, Hiroshi Yamada

Abstract: In this paper, we demonstrate that a dynamic stress concentration around Lüders band can be directly displayed using mechanoluminescence...

Authors: James J. Hensman, Rhys Pullin, Mark J. Eaton, Keith Worden, Karen M. Holford, S.L. Evans

Abstract: This paper details progress towards the application of a methodology for Acoustic Emission (AE) detection and interpretation for the...

Authors: Gang Chen, Y. Deng, Liang Sun, T. Xu

Abstract: There is no simple linear relationship between strain and potential in strain measurement with strain gauges, especially for large strain...

Authors: K. Chinnaraj, M. Sathya Prasad, C. Lakshmana Rao

Abstract: The current trend in automotive design is to optimize components for weight. To achieve this, automotive designers need to have complete...

Authors: David Backman, R.J. Greene

Abstract: The efficacy of thermoelastic stress analysis for use in the study of moderately curved gas turbine blades is considered over a frequency...

Authors: Carl T.F. Ross, K.O. Okoto, Andrew P.F. Little

Abstract: This paper reports on theoretical and experimental investigations into the buckling characteristics of a series of six ring-stiffened...


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