Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Yang, Wei Sun, Shu Fen Li

Abstract: As mining production developing, the deformation is gradually increasing in the northwest side of the surface mine. The blasting vibration...

Authors: Ze Xi Han, Ya Ni Li, Jie Wu

Abstract: The formation resistivity is a main parameter in logging interpretation and evaluation of oil and gas reservoir. And high resolution...

Authors: Long Jiang Zheng, Xue Li, Ling Ling Qin, Hong Bin Chen, Xue Gao, Rui Rong Yuan

Abstract: At present,large scale and space coordinates measuring system with wide-range and high-precision has been widely used in modern...

Authors: Lin Tian, Shi Jie Xu

Abstract: A new attitude controller is proposed in this paper considering variable flywheels output torque saturation limit. Control model is...

Authors: Hui Wang, Jie Gang Mu, Miao Yin Su, Shui Hua Zheng, Jin Jing Zhao, He Quan Lu

Abstract: The paper studies the relationship between axial force and breadth of back blade by numerical simulation and experiment. On the basis of the...

Authors: Tze Yee Ho, Chih Hsien Lin, Lung Hsian Yang

Abstract: The design practice and simulation as well as implementation of a flyback converter are presented in this paper. Detail design...

Authors: Cai Juan Zhang, Li Gang Wang, Ling Nan Wu, Tong Liu, Qiang Lu, Chang Qing Dong

Abstract: With the social rapid development, the earth's limited primary energy such as coal, oil, natural gas etc will be exhausted; energy problem...

Authors: Dan Zhou, Guang Fu Liu, Ping He

Abstract: Under the control of energy efficiency model C, design unite (DU) changes function F to state S through design progress P. Thus, the target...

Authors: Ping He, Guang Fu Liu, Dan Zhou

Abstract: Pursuing the green design (GD) of products is highly beneficial in the alleviation of environment burdens. In order to gain such benefits,...

Authors: Yan Li Zhang, Chun Lei Gu, Yong Jian Ding

Abstract: This paper describes a systematic way to apply the functional safety standards IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 on the safety management of a...


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