Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Jie Liu, Guo Dong Liu, Yi He, Zhong Quan Nie

Abstract: Coal mining had destructed and polluted precious groundwater resources of Cool water Wells coal mine. To more accurately assess the...

Authors: Hua Li Chen, Yun Lian Sun

Abstract: In the process of connected wind generation with the power grid, the classification and recognition of power quality disturbance signals...

Authors: Tao Liu, Zhi Gang Zhang, Wei Zhang

Abstract: The foundation, principle and prior condition and engineering economic Evaluation Criteria of engineering economic analysis are introduced....

Authors: Bo Bo Hou, Zhi Gang Zhang, Wei Zhang

Abstract: Based on the test data analysis and processing which are acquired from a solar energy/air source compound heat pump system in the actual...

Authors: Jing Lan Ma, Wei Wang, Wei Li

Abstract: In order to realize safety, saving energy and material in the design and manufacture of the magneto suction cupule of crane, This text...

Authors: Jing Yu Liu, Hua Xin Liu

Abstract: The numerical simulation of reinforced concrete continuous deep beams with opening is analyzed by Finite Element Software ANSYS to establish...

Authors: Hua Xin Liu, Dong Ming Wang

Abstract: The technology of GFRP has received significant attentions in civil engineering due to their unique properties, such as high...

Authors: Hua Xin Liu, Zhong Bi

Abstract: The modality analysis of the reinforced concrete supported deep beams with opening is worked out by Finite Element Software ANSYS to obtain...

Authors: Ming Qiao Zhu, Hai Qiang Huo, Shao Hui Wu

Abstract: Through a lot of investigations and studies ,and refering to the current related technical specifications and relevant reference, and...

Authors: Zhan Feng Liu, Rui Liang Li

Abstract: According to the material properties and the cutting performance of beryllium bronze, research into the various factors of cutting, such as...


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