Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiang Di Zhao, Hong Li Xu, Xi Shi Wang

Abstract: A numerical study on the interaction of water mist with a fire plume was conducted using FLUENT software. The effects of different mist...

Authors: Jiang Rong Xu, Jian Ming Zhao, Shan Shan Xu, Guan Qing Wang

Abstract: In this paper, we focuses on combustion characteristics of the mixed gas of methane/air in the ring porous medium burner using numerical...

Authors: Jiang Rong Xu, Jun Wang, Chen Kui Ming

Abstract: In this paper, a simple combustion facility was simulated numerically with FLUENT code to investigate the process of coal combustion,...

Authors: Li Jun Ou, Chun Mei Wang, Ye Jian Qian, Wei Huang, Su Wei Zhu, Jun Sun

Abstract: The present study investigates theoretically the effects of gasoline fumigation on single-cylinder diesel engine performance and emissions....

Authors: Xing Bo Yuan, Zhi Jun Li, Shao Shu Chen, Ying Zhang

Abstract: Lean-burn engines operate at a very lean air-to-fuel (A/F) ratio under light-load and part-load regions, in order to analyze the effect of...

Authors: J.F. Ruan, J. Yang, G.Q. Lv, G.S. Deng, L. Liu

Abstract: The main components of a space helix TWT (traveling wave tube) are electron gun, helix slow-wave system and collector. Thermal issue is of...

Authors: Chia Yean Lim, Vincent K.T. Khoo, Bahari Belaton

Abstract: The economic downturn has been forcing many companies to use predictive analysis for spotting emerging product and technology trends and...

Authors: Pei Bei Dong, Shuo Li

Abstract: In this article, the one time rotation of a body of revolution to the designated position under any conditions is studied, especially when...

Authors: Ahmed Elajeli Rgibi, Shu Zhen Yao, Jia Jun Xu

Abstract: Despite the abundance of analysis techniques to discover control-flow errors in workflow designs, there is hardly any support for data-flow...

Authors: Hai Bing Jiang, Jian Ruan, Hui Min Xu, Tao Wang

Abstract: Conical valve’s spool-seat contact pairs is consisted of two surfaces of different curvature radius, and form closed circular contact line....


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