Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Mei He, Xiao Min Ji

Abstract: This paper mainly studied the application of VE in the products function innovation, stated and analyzed several aspects ,such as the...

Authors: Xiu Feng Yang, Lei Peng, Zheng Rong Tong, Ye Cao, Feng Juan Dong

Abstract: A stable narrow line-width dual-wavelength fiber laser based on nonlinear polarization rotation with a high finesse ring filter is proposed...

Authors: Jian Wei Leng, Fei An

Abstract: This thesis focuses on the influence of VCO modulation voltage on LFMCW radar beat signal. Firstly, analysised the serious effect to beat...

Authors: Jing Lei Zhang, Kai Bo Fan, Yan Jiao Wang

Abstract: A new accurate calibrating technique for intrinsic parameters and extrinsic parameters of CCD camera is described. The camera model is...

Authors: Bin Li, Lei Li, Liu Bo

Abstract: Tower crane is one of the necessary tools in the construction of high-rise buildings.The municipal henglong square of shenyang city is to...

Authors: Zhong An Yu, Wei Qin Tan, Zheng Hua Xie

Abstract: Grinding-classification procedure is the key link of dressing production. This paper briefly introduced the technology of grinding and...

Authors: Jin Wei Liang, Hung Yi Chen, Chia Zung Wu

Abstract: This paper aims to develop and implement intelligent control for a X-Y-Z three-dimensional table using linear ultrasonic motors as the...

Authors: Rui Liu, Gui Xi Liu, Peng Ju Chang, Wei Hua He, Zeng Jian Huang

Abstract: The test of panel’s display effect is a key step in the panel production. Lighting inspection machines test the electrical, optical and...

Authors: Liang Mo Wang, Li Hua An, Li Tan, Zhi Lin Wu, Li Li

Abstract: In this paper, the author primarily established the vehicle dynamics model with seven degrees of freedom by MATLAB / Simulink, which could...

Authors: Du Chen, Feng Kang, Qing Yuan Zhu, Shu Mao Wang

Abstract: Combine harvester have to be operated in a wide range of field condition which may induce varying feeding rate. Forward speed is a main...


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