Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Li, Quan Li Ning, Chuang Liu

Abstract: Taking aim at the phenomenon that the propagation process of one-dimensional stress wave in projectile will be exposed to reflection and...

Authors: Tao Wang, Ya Shi Ke, Yi Dan Zhou

Abstract: This paper uses a metal cutting simulation software AdvantEdge FEM as the platform, and simulates the drilling process of three different...

Authors: Xiao Hong Li

Abstract: In the article, a kind of regional force balance method based on plates and shells theories of elastic mechanics are applied to study the...

Authors: Xiao Gang Jian, Hong Sheng Jia, Yong Ming Bian, Lai De Shi

Abstract: In this paper, we analyze the working mechanism of the wedge-type anchorage in the hydraulic synchronizing lifting device and tradition one,...

Authors: Li Liu, Zhe Fan Jing, Xiu Juan Zhang

Abstract: Surface flow velocity is a key parameter of glacier kinetic theories study. With the help of GPS, glacier surface flow velocity research...

Authors: Qing Ping Wu, Rui Xiang Wang, Ya Jun Li, Rong Ji Xu, Yan Zhong Li

Abstract: Pulsating heat pipes are high efficiency heat transfer components having a great potential application in the field of electronic cooling...

Authors: Li Ren, Wen Xiao Zhang

Abstract: For the cooling system of plastic injection mold affects significantly the productivity and quality of the finial products, the cooling...

Authors: Ye Tian, Xun Liang Liu, Zhi Wen, Xiao Hong Feng, Zhi Li, Hai Quan Yong

Abstract: On the basis of established mathematic model of regenerator heat transfer process, the process of heat transfer of ceramic honeycomb...

Authors: Bing Liu, Chang Fa Tao, Xi Shi Wang

Abstract: This paper introduces a novel radiant heat flux measurement method based on bimaterial microcantilever. Focus on flame radiant heat flux...

Authors: Shi Jun Zhang, Gui Ling Deng, Can Zhou

Abstract: In the dispensing jet based on GMA,current in the coil produces a large amount of heat,which affects the glue viscosity and magnetostriction...


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