Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Xiang Feng, Zhe Liu, Xing Kui Wang

Abstract: Sudden sedimentation is an important subject for building ports in silt-sandy coast. It elaborates calculation methods detailed about...

Authors: Ning Liu, Rui Zhang, Wen Yi Chen, Man Man Zhang

Abstract: Applied the finite volume method combining two-equations turbulence model,the influence of fluid dynamic characteristics on XCP probe under...

Authors: De Jian Wei, Xin Gui Zhang

Abstract: Expansive soil is called as “problem soil”, which has a characteristic of swelling by absorbing water and shrinking by losing water. So...

Authors: Meng Jie Deng, Wen Xin Shi, Shui Li Yu

Abstract: A lab-made static electrodialysis (ED) unit was used to study the effect of oil and HPAM on the desalination process by electrodialysis. To...

Authors: An Liang Zhang, Qing Jiang Han

Abstract: It is necessary to implement pretreatment operations for a paper based microfluidic device. A paper based microfluidic device with SAW...

Authors: Deng Guang Yu, Xia Wang, Ping Lu, Xiao Chen, Hui Peng Zhao, Xiao Yan Li, Wei Qian, Ying Li, Yao Zu Liao

Abstract: Electrohydrodynamic atomization (EHDA) process was exploited to prepare drug-loaded microparticles for colon-targeted drug delivery. Field...

Authors: Xing Hui Cai, Cheng Ying Shi, Guo Liang Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a meshfree point collocation method, with an upwinding scheme, is presented to obtain the numerical solutions of the coupled...

Authors: Chi Jun Zhang, Qiong Wu

Abstract: Mechanism of fluorescence stoke’s shift is discussed in detail in this paper. Optical wavelength of pumping laser is determined based on...

Authors: Bao Ju Yun, Yuan Ping Cheng, Jian Zhuang Liu, Xue Jing Li

Abstract: Based on the coal and methane outbursting theory, we use FLAC3D to analyze the stress and strain distribution rules in coal body around the...

Authors: Guang Tian, Hao Tian, Guang Sheng Liu, Jin Hui Zhao, Li Ping Luo

Abstract: The diagnosis of compound-fault is always a difficult point, and there is not an effective method in equipment diagnosis field, then a new...


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