Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Yi Lin, Yi Jun Ji, Chao Wu

Abstract: With the widespread use of the elevator, the shortcomings of the current elevator design become apparent. Especially the phenomenon of...

Authors: Shao Jing Song, Jian Jun Wang

Abstract: Thermoelectric cooler has dynamic thermoelectric performance under complex environment. A linear dynamic model of the thermoelectric cooler...

Authors: Yong Jun Tu, Gao Ming Huang, Jing Hui Li, Qing Lin Ge

Abstract: Statistical theory and fuzzy analysis are two primary methods of radar and ESM track association algorithms. Absolute-double-threshold rule...

Authors: Wei Tang, Xiao Dong Zhang, Yong Ding, Jing Jing

Abstract: Modern CNC system adopts the NURBS interpolation for the purpose of achieving high-speed and high accuracy performance. However, in...

Authors: Cun Ping Wang, Xiang Gen Yin, Jian Liu, Qing Xiong

Abstract: Static var compensator (STATCOM) is a widely used power electronic device for dynamic reactive power compensation, and its current detecting...

Authors: Xia Bo Shi, Wei Xing Lin

Abstract: This paper presents a new approach of PID parameter optimization for the induction motor speed system by using an improved particle swarm...

Authors: Xian Ye, Yi Qiang Peng, Yan Cui Hui

Abstract: Due to some nonlinear factors and time delay in electronic throttle, the opening of electronic throttle is difficult to control. For...

Authors: Ming Hui Zhao, Lian Dong Wang, Chao Liu, Rong Xin Chen, Shuai Yang

Abstract: The strategy of 4-wheel-identical-state-control is proposed on the designed 4-wheel-independent-driven electric vehicle (briefed as...

Authors: Guang Ming Lv, Jian Wang, Qing Zhang

Abstract: According to the collision of tower cranes working on the construction site, this paper establishes the mathematical model of the tower...

Authors: Xin Min Zhou, Dong Xiang Zhou

Abstract: This paper analyses the key point of energy saving in the Wheeled Crane hybrid power system. The scheme of 25T Wheeled Crane hybrid power...


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