Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shan Su, Bing Sheng Yan

Abstract: In order to extend engineering application of nonlinear ultrasonic nondestructive testing technique in wave structure, an experimental...

Authors: Wen Chang Tsai, Bill Chen

Abstract: The paper intends to study the core losses of non-oriented electrical steel laminations under high frequency voltage excitations. The...

Authors: Jiang Xu, Xin Jun Wu

Abstract: Cables are used as critical structure components for suspended and cable-stayed bridges. It has been recently increased the need for...

Authors: Shu Jing Su, Hai Li Zhang

Abstract: The sound sources positioning method based on time delay estimation is through the iteration of a group of nonlinear equation to solve the...

Authors: Xiao Qi Yin

Abstract: Taking the computer sound card instead of current acquisition card as hardware and Labview as software development platform, a kind of sound...

Authors: Jun Wu, Chao Fan Zhang

Abstract: Half-band filter is a linear phase FIR filter, which is symmetric-even and odd .Because the coefficient of half-band filter is symmetrical...

Authors: Cui Kai

Abstract: based on factor analysis of multivariate statistical analysis, aim directly at Enginering Project management practice, establishment the...

Authors: Zheng Yue Zong, Neimule Menke, Bao Li Yao, Ying Li Wang, Yi Chen

Abstract: Fulgide is well-known as a thermally irreversible organic photochromic compound. The fulgide films can be applied as recording materials in...

Authors: Ying Wang, Hong Yan Su, Huai Cheng Zhu, Qi Yuan

Abstract: The stepped-frequency radar can measure the velocity between radar and target as while as obtain high range resolution. The Doppler shift of...

Authors: Hong Chun Qu, Xie Bin Ding

Abstract: SVM(Support Vector Machine) is a new artificial intelligence methodolgy, basing on structural risk mininization principle, which has better...


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