Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jia Qiang Li, Xian He Qin, Yin Sheng Zhang

Abstract: Intermittent intensity clutter in wind profiling radar severely interferes with the identification and spectrum estimation of atmospheric...

Authors: Ding De Jiang, Cheng Yao, Zheng Zheng Xu, Peng Zhang, Zhen Yuan, Wen Da Qin

Abstract: Anomalous traffic often has a significant impact on network activities and lead to the severe damage to our networks because they usually...

Authors: Min Ma, Jing Jing Ji, Cai Xia Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, image enhancement algorithm is applied to multi-phase CT system imaging. Aiming at artifact imaging of multiphase flow CT...

Authors: Yi Ding Zhao, Ming Feng Sun

Abstract: In this paper, an image processing and recognition system of the coal and gangue has been studied. We adopt digital video processing...

Authors: Shu Yue Chen, Ming Qian Xu

Abstract: A method to inspect fabric defects based on compactly supported biorthogonal wavelet transform is presented. Firstly, the fabric images are...

Authors: Cong Mei Zha, Yong Sheng Zhu, Qi Ying Xu

Abstract: This paper makes analyses on the basic regulation characteristics of Static Var Generator (SVG). From the perspective of AC and DC’s...

Authors: Zhe Shuai Zhou, Hong Bing Fang

Abstract: According to analyze the characteristic of the operational progress of short-range air defense, Petri net (PN) is applied to describe the...

Authors: Zhang Hong, Xing Hui Zhang, Jian Li Guo

Abstract: ALOHA algorithm can’t prevent collision much effectively, the process of anti-collision is longer while the amount of tags plunged collision...

Authors: Nan Pan, Wu Xing, Yi Lin Chi, Liu Chang, Xiao Qin Liu

Abstract: On the basis of summing up the Frequency-Domain Blind Deconvolution (FDBD), a method combine Complex-Domain FastICA algorithm and amplitude...

Authors: Tao Yuan, Yu Wang

Abstract: The stabilized platform servo system ensures the carrier communicating with satellites stably while in motion. The key to this system is to...


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