Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chuan Long Shi, Chuan Hui Liu

Abstract: In this paper, four-wheel steering and direct yaw-moment integrated controller is designed. To verify the effectiveness of the integrated...

Authors: Zhou Cong, Xiao Jian, Muhammad Naveed Iqbal

Abstract: There is much advancement in steering control technology with time. Steering-By-Wire (SBW) system is the most modern and efficient...

Authors: Liang Zhang, Qi Dong Wang, Li Hong Zhu, Kai Jie Luo

Abstract: Suspension roll characteristics are investigated using multi-body dynamic simulation software to analyze the handling stability of a coach...

Authors: Hui Fang Kong, Qing Guang Ge, Shun Li Xia

Abstract: . The control principle of VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) was described in this paper. Both hardware and software based on MC9S12XET256...

Authors: Qing Ling Zhang, Yan Guo Shi, Yuan Yuan Wen, Yan Hua Tang, Jing Bo

Abstract: Three-dimensional simplified model of auto windshield, mold, hot ring and quench ring was built using UG software in this article. Hot...

Authors: Bing Zhan Zhang, Han Zhao, An Dong Yin

Abstract: Control strategy is the most important issue in the Plug-in Hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) design, which has two modes: charge depleting...

Authors: An Xu, Xiang Ming Qiao

Abstract: To define the situation of traffic safety about highway passenger transport accurately, and reveal the statistical regularity of braking...

Authors: Li Bo Ding, He Xiang Ma, He Zhang

Abstract: AC charging point is one of the main equipment of electric vehicle charging system. The design process of a kind of AC charging point, which...

Authors: Shi Jie Su, Jian Zhang, Ling Ling Wang, Chun Yan Wu

Abstract: Based on the computer and multifunction data acquisition device, the stiffness test system for car body was developed by using Microsoft...

Authors: Shu Meng, Shu Guang Zuo, Cong Gan Ma, Fan Hui Zhang, Qing Sun

Abstract: With the small-sized motor power density becomes bigger and bigger, and it carries high electromagnetic loads, causing its thermal load to...


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