Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Ma, Yu Cheng Wu, Wen Lin Chen, Xin Fang Wang, Ya Pei Zhao

Abstract: The stability of mold oscillation can directly influence on slab surface quality and operational safety in continuous casting. In recent...

Authors: Qing Huang, Wei Fang Chen, Wen Hua Ye, Pei Huang Lou, Shi Hao Liu

Abstract: The crossbeam is an important part in the gantry machining center which greatly affects the machining accuracy. Four kinds of crossbeam...

Authors: Bing Bing Li, Hong Chao Zhang, Qing Di Ke, Li Ding, Lei Zhang

Abstract: The energy consumption for manufacturing processes is the largest impact contributor in various characterization categories, based on the...

Authors: Shi Min Dong, Wan Sheng Zhang, Guo Hong Chai, Ming Ming Xing, Hong Zhang

Abstract: Based on the influences of eccentrical rotating inertial centrifugal force and axial force on the rod string’s lateral bending deformation,...

Authors: Qing Zou, Xiang Bin Wang, Xiao Guang Liu, Guan Nan Shi

Abstract: Based on the structural bionic method, the rotary worktable of vertical lathe was optimized. Through fuzzy similarity analysis, the...

Authors: Yan Gang Wei, Meng Sun

Abstract: According to the theory of contact mechanics, the radial stiffness, the maximum contact stress, and the maximum radial load of pre-loaded...

Authors: Chang Li, Guang Bing Zhao, Xing Han

Abstract: Based on profile involutes equation and tooth easement curve equation of standard gear, parameterization three dimensional finite element...

Authors: Ke Zhang, Zheng Xing Cui, Li Ya Gai, Peng Ge, Dong Gao Cai

Abstract: NC machine plays an irreplaceable role in the modern manufacturing because of its high machining processing accuracy, quality stable,...

Authors: Cheng Long Yin, Lin Zhu, Fan Rang Kong

Abstract: In this paper, objective design phase for beginning end of product design process is studied and the procedures and steps of object design...

Authors: Wen Lin Chen, Li Jing Peng, Yong Ma, Shao Yang Wang, Zhi Jie Li, Tao Tang

Abstract: In order to get high quality forgings, it is significant to predict the microstructure evolution during hot forging process accurately. In...


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