Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Tao Xu, Ya Hui Zhang, Tong Chen Miao

Abstract: In this paper, the random vibration theory is employed to research on the dynamic performance of suspension system of new energy vehicle....

Authors: Liang Xiu Zhang, Xu Yun Qiu, Zhu Lin Zhang, Yu Lin Wang

Abstract: Realtime on-road vehicle detection is a key technology in many transportation applications, such as driver assistance, autonomous driving...

Authors: Bai Long Jia, Ying Liu, Yukinori Kobayashi

Abstract: In this study, an adaptive servo controller based on LQR is designed for flexible master-slave system (FMSS). A dynamics model, observer and...

Authors: Yun Zhang, Kong Kang Zhou

Abstract: The mathematical model of electric control air suspension system was built and the intelligent control strategy was put forward in this...

Authors: Ai Ping Wu, He Ping Pan, Yong Hua Li

Abstract: The basic principle of liquid level measurement with capacitive sensor is described. According to differences in dielectric constant between...

Authors: Yi Bo Deng, Hua Zhang, Guo Hong Ma

Abstract: During the practical researches and applications based on passive visual servo, weld torch was often moved to the weld seam initial position...

Authors: Chao Wang, Zeng Zheng Fu, Peng Peng Wang

Abstract: This article introduces the Android Operating System based electric-device monitoring system, which includes a combination of device faults...

Authors: Bo Li, Hai Ying Zhou, De Cheng Zuo

Abstract: It is critical to understand the workload characteristics and resource usage patterns of available applications to guide the design and...

Authors: Wei Wang, Feng Wang, Yong Zhou, Yong Cheng, Yu Ze Song, Kenzo Nonami

Abstract: This paper presents outdoor fully autonomous control for a Quad-Rotor MAV (Micro Air Vehicle). In case of natural disaster like earthquake,...

Authors: Jian Yang, Mi Dong

Abstract: The subject of this paper is the local minima problem (LMP) inherent in potential field methods (PFMs). Firstly, the underlying theoretical...


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