Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Song Guo

Abstract: The intelligent monitoring system of battery with CAN bus is introduced, which is composed of two layer net, the C8051F045 controller is the...

Authors: Yan Wang, Ping Yu Jiang

Abstract: This paper presents a type of architecture of multistage machining processes in small batch mode, named Small-batch Quality Control System...

Authors: Ming De Gong

Abstract: To eliminate the errors of cylinders’ dynamic output positions of master side for the influence of random disturbance of slave side,...

Authors: Ming De Gong, Bo Tian, Yue Ning, Wei Wei Li

Abstract: Digital image has a large quantity of image data and long time for transmitting. It affects the real-time of the teleoperation robot system....

Authors: Jun Xie, Shi Ji Feng

Abstract: A new 3-CRR parallel mechanism which was complete decoupling for the design of transplanting seedlings had been proposed, and its kinematics...

Authors: Jia Zhi Li, Jia Wang, Zhi Tan, Lei Zhang

Abstract: This paper analyzes the structure of Building Automatic System and introduces software and hardware configuration and network configuration...

Authors: Shu Cong Shang, Jian Zhong Sun

Abstract: A dynamic model and numerical method which was in the underwater vertical launching process have been built, and the missile which was on...

Authors: Xue Wen Huang

Abstract: In order to realizing real-time on-line oil monitoring for high-power gearbox’s wear state during operation, a monitoring system is...

Authors: Qian Ying Zhu, Bao Guang Wang

Abstract: The digital probe instrument is used for measure the microwave impedance of electronic circuit, which request both the precision and...

Authors: Xu Mei

Abstract: With the development and maturity of intelligent buildings, energy conservation become a trend, lighting control systems are becoming...


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