Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shu Qiu Gong, Jin Mei Liu, Li Yan Cui

Abstract: With the analysis of traditional power quality monitor system, this paper introduces the system built by virtual instrument technology. From...

Authors: Jin Chen, Guan Ling Chen, Zhen Hua Wang, Hai Hui Song, Jin Zhou

Abstract: In this paper, pan-Boolean algebra for PID control concepts, methods and principles is proposed based on theory of Pan-Boolean algebra, Take...

Authors: Lin Yang, Peng Wang, Zhong Wei Ren, Fang Fang, Yan Li

Abstract: By analysing the processing characteristics of varied diameter slender shaft parts, and according to the basic vibration theory of slender...

Authors: Xian Long Wang, Qing Hua Liang, Wei Zhong Guo

Abstract: This paper aims to provide an optimum design for the grab bucket on the port, analyze the parameters related to its grabbing function from...

Authors: Jie Liu, Tian Qi Li, Jian Pei Zhang

Abstract: Multi-parameters data perturbation method is a kind of original data perturbation methods for privacy preserving association rules mining....

Authors: Xue Jun Zhang, Fan Wen Meng, Dong Han

Abstract: A simulation system consisting of display module, control module and process module for general aviation (GA) primary flight display (PFD)...

Authors: Fei Ding, En Tong, Ai Guo Song, Jian Qing Li, Guang Ming Song

Abstract: This paper presents the development of a novel nuclear radiation monitoring and detection system. With the lightweight and global...

Authors: Jin Guang Sun, Xin Nian Yang, Yang Li, Jun Tao Wang

Abstract: Computer simulation of the flame is difficult to achieve real-time and realistic problem, proposing a fire simulation method based on fluid...

Authors: Fu Jun Chai, Jin You Xu, Ying Xu

Abstract: Taking a new steel tube rotating mechanism as the research object, the model is simplified and the virtual prototyping model of the...

Authors: Li Qiang Zhang

Abstract: Based on the studying on the palaeogeomorphic, the source provenance and it’s direction of the early Cretaceous Tenggeer formation in the...


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