Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qian Xiao, Ming Mu, Xin Jian Zhou, Yu Xiang Che

Abstract: Aiming at researching friction process on the influence of train rolling contact properties between the wheel and rail,using the basic...

Authors: Bao Ru Sun, Zai Ji Zhan

Abstract: Indentation and sliding friction of the as-cast, the relaxed and the crystallized...

Authors: Hao Wu, Yan Qiu Xia, Xin Feng, Xiang Yu Ge

Abstract: The friction and wear properties of the DLC coatings were evaluated while being lubricated with pure PAG, PAG containing PN and ZDDP using...

Authors: Shui Hua Zheng, Jie Gang Mu, Jia Li

Abstract: Experiments were carried out to learn about the frictional resistance of gas-liquid two-phase flow in vertical helically coiled pipe. The...

Authors: Ke Ping Zhang, Jing Feng Wu, Jian Long Huang, Xiao Peng Huang

Abstract: The abrasive wear of 45 steel and HT200 iron which are usually used on agriculture machine was tested by alfalfa powder on a grinding...

Authors: Xue Liang Guo, Shu Guang Zuo, Yong Li

Abstract: In order to study the change of the tire surface temperature during tire running, tire surface temperature experiments were made with the...

Authors: Shuo Shi, Jin Yan Li, Xue Mai Gu

Abstract: Based on chaotic oscillator system and wavelet transform system, this paper proposes a novel method on high frequency weak signal detection....

Authors: Mei Huang, Yu Xu, Bo Cao

Abstract: A new method-mixed boundary grid method (FBGM) is proposed to analyze the free vibration of cantilever plates with variable thickness. The...

Authors: Kai Sun, Guo Qiang Liu, Xiao Yu Xu

Abstract: With the structure of permanent magnet (PM) spring, composed of one fixed end magnet and one moving magnet, a nonlinear resonant...

Authors: Ji Hu Bao, Peng Zhang, Chang Ming Zhu

Abstract: Aimed at the longitudinal vibration of rope hoisting system with time-varying length, the governing equations are developed employing the...


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