Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bin Li, Xu Dong Wang

Abstract: During the reciprocating motion, the sucker rod string of the pumping wells will produce longitudinal vibration, lateral vibration and...

Authors: Wen Chang Tsai, Zong Hua Wu

Abstract: This paper develops a superior injector driving circuit for a 500c.c. motorcycle GDI engine. The POWER MOSFET component is introduced in the...

Authors: Rong Chun Yang, Lloyd Edwards, Feng Hua Gao

Abstract: Analysis the wiring of head and tail pully driving & bidirectional 6KV motor,and found the reason of negative phase sequence over...

Authors: Shao Ping Yin

Abstract: In order to reap the benefits promised by the Smart Grid, communications between the IEDs in IEC 61850 Substation Automation System (SAS)...

Authors: Chao Fang, Liang Yan Chen

Abstract: The empty orbital model in perovskite ATiO3-type (A=Mg, Ca, Sr and Ba) ferroelectrics with oxygen octahedra has been proposed. In...

Authors: Yan Juan Wu, Lin Chuan Li

Abstract: Considering that the capacitance value of thyristor controlled series capacitor (TCSC) can be adjusted quickly in capacitive mode, and that...

Authors: You Xi Lin, Cong Ming Yan

Abstract: A 2D fully thermal mechanical coupled finite element model is applied to study the influence of material parameters on serrate chip...

Authors: Yang Lu, Zhi Feng Gao

Abstract: This paper presents a design of PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) double-loop servo system based on TMS2812DSP hardware platform,...

Authors: Yan Ping Xu, Ke Guo, Yan Ru Zhong

Abstract: A high-performance speed sensorless direct torque control (DTC) system of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) is presented in this...

Authors: Chang Chou Hwang, Ping Lun Li

Abstract: This paper presents and compares the performance of a two-pole, three-phase slotless brushless DC motor with two types of winding...


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