Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xian Feng Liu, Shu Ming Li

Abstract: A new image digital watermarking algorithm based on DWT is proposed, by which Arnold scrambling is firstly processed followed by wavelet...

Authors: Yu Ting Jiang, Zhong Ke Yin

Abstract: Different behaviors of image information and noise in sparse decomposition were studied to identify the differences between image...

Authors: Qian Chen, Ye Cao, Min Jie Guo, Zheng Rong Tong

Abstract: High phase noise and low phase noise have been consideration in CO-OFDM systems, respectively. The hybrid mitigation algorithm is optimized...

Authors: Yan Li Wang

Abstract: Aiming at the uplink multi-user STBC-MIMO system, we adopted the combination of the detection scheme about the linear MMSE interference...

Authors: Ming Ju Gong, Yuan Lai Liu

Abstract: The Digital Signal Processors of TI C6000 series, have a structure called VLIW and a Harvard structure, and a electron system based on DSPs...

Authors: Hong Liang Wang, Lin Chuan Li

Abstract: Reactive power compensation of distribution network is an important method to improve power quality and voltage stability, while reducing...

Authors: Ji Hong Lian, Kai Chen

Abstract: This paper introduced the principle of DES encryption algorithm, designed and realized the DES encryption algorithm with verilog hardware...

Authors: Qi Ping Yuan, Li Jie Fan, Zheng Rong Tong

Abstract: Based on the principle of microwaves transmission, a novel method of tri-frequency ranging measurement is proposed. When the wavelength of...

Authors: Yun Liang Wang, Bo Wei Chen

Abstract: With the rapid development of networks and communications technology, the modern remote control technique has widely been used in many...

Authors: Zheng Rong Tong, Min Jie Guo, Xiu Feng Yang, Wei Hua Zhang

Abstract: The CO-OFDM single-mode optical fiber system is constructed by the Matlab coupled with the Optisystem. And the influence of different...


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