Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ren Jian Li, Zhao Fei Wang, Long Ming Dong

Abstract: Current symbolic execution is challenged by its ability to deal with loops. The case gets worse for loops manipulating recursive data...

Authors: Ji Ying Shi, Wen Shan Sun, Chun Ling Li

Abstract: Micro-grid is next generation of distribution system. The paper mainly investigates fault diagnosis issue of Micro-grid by using advanced...

Authors: Lu Deng

Abstract: Many studies indicated that ADF test is very sensitive to different leg length selection models. Based on Hall, and Ng, Perron’s works, this...

Authors: Yi Min Tian, Ao Zhang

Abstract: Matrix exponential computstion is a difficulty thing when the order of the matrix get big and big after discretion. When we use Lie group...

Authors: Yao Yuan Zeng, Zheng Hua Wang, Wen Tao Zhao

Abstract: As for the problem of numerical simulation oflaser propulsion of three dimensions and multi-sub domains, the domain decomposition strategy...

Authors: Ning Ning Tong, Dan Feng Zhao, Yu Ping Wu

Abstract: Progressive-edge-growth (PEG) algorithm is one of the best known methods for constructing LDPC codes at short and intermediate block...

Authors: Hao Xue Liu, Yuan Dou Chen, Yun Long Hao, Ning Ning Zheng, Ao Jiao

Abstract: The computation and evaluation of color difference for images is a hot topic. In order to explore the calculation method of evaluating color...

Authors: Shao Guo Zhang, Feng Gao, Bai Lin Hang

Abstract: As one index of product certification for vehicle tire, rolling resistance is difficult to measure. In order to evaluate feasibility of two...

Authors: Chun Lei Zhao, Kai Lin, Chen Weng, Chun Fu Jia

Abstract: End-hopping is a technique proposed in the study of active defense in network security. In this paper, core technology analysis is made to...

Authors: Ru Quan Liang, Jun Hong Ji, Fu Sheng Yan, Ji Cheng He

Abstract: In order to improve the desulphurization efficiency of KR mixing method in the process of molten iron refining, the method of CFD was used...


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