Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Kun Cui, Yong Zhi Zhang, Zhuo Li

Abstract: In order to reveal the complex turbulent combustion processes in the afterburning chamber of Solid Ducked Rocket (SDR), Based on the...

Authors: Jian Peng, Qing Min, Zhi Qiang Xu

Abstract: The core technology of electronic ois is the motion estimation techniques, such as, BPM, RPM, FTA ,PA, BM and so on[1]. Based on...

Authors: Chen Jia, Hong Wei Chen

Abstract: On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) tools are frequently used in business, science and health to extract useful knowledge from massive...

Authors: Xue Ping Chang, Jun Liu, Ji Hong Ren

Abstract: Based on accurately considering the axial extension, geometrically nonlinear governing equations for a two-layer beam subjected to thermal...

Authors: Yan Wen Wang, Zhi Wei Yin

Abstract: In R9 version of LTE system, the double multi-user beamforming is proposed. To suppress inter-user interference of multi-user multiple input...

Authors: Chao Xu, Zhi Yong Feng, Yu Zhang

Abstract: Facial expression analysis is important in Human-Computer Interaction. How to improve the accuracy and objectivity of analysis should be...

Authors: Xiao Hong Li, Feng Xu Liu, Zhi Yong Feng, Jin Liang Xing

Abstract: In recent years, the security of software becomes one significant feature of software. This paper improves trustworthy software engineering...

Authors: Chuan Jiang Li, Zi Qiang Zhang, Li Li Wan, Yi Li

Abstract: This paper presents a least square influential coefficient based on particle swarm optimization, putting balance weight as optimizing...

Authors: Ja Kuan Xia, Shi Xuan Lu, Wei Huang

Abstract: By analyzing multi-parameter rotor power coefficient model used in wind generator system, fitting surface function and its nonlinear...

Authors: Ja Kuan Xia, Shi Xuan Lu, Shuang Mao, Wei Huang

Abstract: A robust controller of wind turbine pitch angle is designed by using the quantitative feedback theory based on the analysis of wind power...


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