Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Si Yuan Qin, Jian Guo Yan

Abstract: For the Boom and Receptacle Air Refueling, in order to locate the spatial position of the refueling receptacle, an object locating method is...

Authors: Xiao Jin Yu

Abstract: Owing to lack of geometric method for calculating frames with the shape of T, the conversion method is used to resolve the frames in which...

Authors: Hong Li Gao, Shan Shan Shen, Yan Yun

Abstract: Fatigue crack propagation test is a very important testing way to study the metallic engineering material fatigue fracture characteristics...

Authors: Liang Chuan Mi, Shi Gang Wang, Quan Yi When, Chang Shun Xu

Abstract: For a very long period of time, the concepts of logic or formula logic and engineering or recognition are separated strictly. It is studied...

Authors: Yang Ling, Cheng Yong, Yun Cheng

Abstract: Virtual reality technology is the cutting-edge subject of current computer technology and research focus. This paper mainly research the key...

Authors: Kai Jie Liu, Hong Lun Zhao, Chao Xu

Abstract: How to find the solution of multi-objective optimization quickly and exactly is the challenge of multi-objective optimization design. This...

Authors: Guang Yin Xu, Wei Feng Qin, Shu Guang Ti, Yu Chen Xu

Abstract: To assess the energy demand and environment effect on residential sector, a bottom-up LEAP Henan model was developed to simulate three...

Authors: Tao Cheng, Wei Xing Lin

Abstract: This paper proposes a modified particle swarm optimization to solve identification of tuning PID controller parameters. This paper...

Authors: Zeng Jian Huang, Gui Xi Liu, Peng Ju Chang

Abstract: The Gaussian particle probability hypothesis density filter (GPPHDF) needs conventional Monte-Carlo (MC) sampling in predict step and update...

Authors: Li Song, Xi Lu

Abstract: Based on moving S-N curve, a new method of fatigue life prediction for vehicle component in random loading spectra was put forward. In the...


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