Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Qiang Zhao, Bo Chuan Jiang

Abstract: The evaluation model of artillery firing efficiency is widely applied to firepower command&control and large-scale simulation, itis very...

Authors: Qing Ling Mei, Ling Chen

Abstract: A new algorithm to mine the frequent items in data stream is presented. The algorithm adopts a time fading factor to emphasize the...

Authors: Sheng Liu, Li Hong Li, Yin Zhong Cheng

Abstract: In order to better determine experts’ weights in analyzing the credibility of simulation model, a new method is proposed in this paper. The...

Authors: Xiao Jie Gu, Xin Min Wang, Wen Chao Li

Abstract: Observability in passive location and tracking system is an important problem. This paper investigates the observability of multi-station...

Authors: Wen Yi Liu, Gang Xu, Yong Ping Yang

Abstract: Micro-CAES can balance fluctuations in supply and demand of electricity. In this technology, air is compressed with a motor/generator using...

Authors: Ming Qin Liu, Y.L. Liu

Abstract: In this paper, a numerical flow model combining with the Realizable k–ε turbulent model for compressible viscous fluid is presented for the...

Authors: Kai Xu, Yan Lv, Guang Jin

Abstract: Semi-physical simulation of attitude control system is the more synthetically test and verify for designing of small satellite control...

Authors: K. Ma, W.L. Wei

Abstract: This paper is concerned with the numerical solution of two-dimensional flows in a rectangular meandering channel. The technique of...

Authors: Yun Liang Wang, Guo Cun Li

Abstract: The active power filter has two key link for harmonic current detection and respectively compensation current tracking. This article mainly...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Guo Qing Huang

Abstract: The micro Doppler effect of the radar echo signal of helicopter rotor is studied, and the formula of helicopter rotor echo is obtained. Then...


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