Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Dong Huang, Yin Mao Liu, Mei Rong Wu

Abstract: Focusing on representation of quality characteristics variation in product process control, a measurement method based on medium logic was...

Authors: He Jian Liu

Abstract: This article introduces the way Arithmetic Mean Filtering, Weighted Mean Filtering and Inertia Filtering are applied in dealing with analog...

Authors: Ji Gui Jian, Xiao Lian Deng, Yan Jun Shen

Abstract: Based on inequality techniques and matrix theory, linear feedback control both with one input and one state or two states and with...

Authors: Yuan Bo, Wei Min Feng, Mei Qing Liu, Qiu Wei Li

Abstract: Compared RNG and Realizable model with experiment results in numerical simulation in inlet passage,conclusion Realizable k-e model is better...

Authors: Fei Yu, Yi Ming Zhang

Abstract: According to the demand of transmitter for deep exploration, this paper presents a strategy of current double closed loop control based on...

Authors: Shi Xing Liu, Tian Deng, Kan Kan Du

Abstract: Companying with a fire, several feature parameters will be generated. In order to indicate a fire disaster effectively, a design that can...

Authors: Ya Jin Liu, Jiang Guo, Kai Kai Gu

Abstract: Aiming at the existing problems of the monitoring systems of most of the thermal power plants in China, an intelligent information flow...

Authors: Qi Tang, Li Xin Tang

Abstract: This paper considers Integration of batching and scheduling with features on batch scheduling such as multi-product facilities, multi-stage,...

Authors: Wei Dong Xu, Xiao Hong Ren, Li Jie Li, Ying Gao Yue

Abstract: Aiming at the machined workpiece surface texture images,some technology about image pre-processing and the texture feature extraction based...

Authors: Xiu Hong Wang

Abstract: Special reason and common reason bring on the process disturbance. Statistical process control (SPC) is commonly used to monitor the process...


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