Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Lin Xian, Yan Chen, Ling Tong, Ming Quan Jia

Abstract: This paper was developed by microwave measurement on the vegetation dielectric constant through using the rectangular-waveguide at C Band....

Authors: Xiang Jin Zhang, Na Shen

Abstract: A novel pulse power supply charge and discharge automation control program is proposed. The program is based on optical encoder...

Authors: Yong Wang, Ji Fen Li, Ying Zhang

Abstract: This paper describes the design of weak signal conditioning circuit. The amplitude of weak signal is very small and can easily be submerged...

Authors: Guang Hui Li, Zhi Jian Jiang, Bin Pan

Abstract: Mobile robots are a very dynamic part of the robotic domain, self-localization is one of the basic functions of them, in the complex...

Authors: Hua Qiang, Rui Yang, Guo Dong Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, in accordance with several common signal interference in sleep EEG detection, it is processed by wavelet transform. It mainly...

Authors: Xiu Zheng Li, De Yun Yang

Abstract: Since the internet has become a main method of image's transmission and storage, how to prevent illegal diffusion for some images deserves...

Authors: Wei Cui, Lei Chen, Xing Guang Li

Abstract: A continuous-wave lidar signal acquisition system with USB2.0 interface is present,in this paper. The hardware and the application program...

Authors: Yi Cheng Jiang, Guang Zeng

Abstract: The most basic functions of wiper test system for modern high-grade cars are to provide accurate measurement of swing times of the wipers...

Authors: Yan Ping Zheng, Tian Tian, Zhengang He

Abstract: Based on the theory of HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) and the idea of reverse simulation, the simulation model of the parallel HEV is...

Authors: Yun Long Ma, Jian Wang

Abstract: Among researches on people evacuation under emergency, there are no deep touch of coordinating evacuation strategy of human and traffic, and...


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