Recent Trends in Materials and Mechanical Engineering Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 55-57

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Song, Shu Kun Cao, Kai Feng Song, Chang Zhong Wu, Wei Wei Song

Abstract: The paper presented the development of free-form surface axis NC machining tool path optimization module. In the UG environment, have...

Authors: Jing Kui Zhang, Liao Jun Zhang, Sheng Jie Di

Abstract: A dynamic constitutive model is suggested based on dynamic triaxial test data of dam materials. Combining with construction of a high core...

Authors: Sheng Jie Di, Wen Tang Zheng, Jing Kui Zhang

Abstract: The rock mass with polycrystalline aggregates is common geomaterial in civil and architectural engineering as well as hydraulic and...

Authors: Ya Xiong Guo

Abstract: The research of multi-campus university management, which is specific for a particular region, in particular to the Jiangxi Province of, is...

Authors: Xiao Mao Yang

Abstract: The perovskite-like LaSrCoO4 and LaSrCoO3.6F0.4 mixed oxides were prepared by the polyglycol gel method,...

Authors: Ping He, Guang Fu Liu, Dan Zhou, Yan Wang

Abstract: The energy property of motorcycle’s clutch is considered as the research object, and the concept of the energy design factor is proposed,...

Authors: Lei Sun

Abstract: Compared to the China's urbanization and increased speed of rural workers’ group size, the author analyzes the reasons of social security...

Authors: Chun Hai Tao

Abstract: With the development of medical services in all countries, medical and health accounting and its account system have been increasingly...

Authors: Yu Chen Hu

Abstract: This article utilized the technological innovation theory to analyze the functionary mechanism of technology innovation on industrial...


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