Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Pu Guo

Abstract: Frame theory has been the focus of active research for twenty years, both in theory and applications. In this work, the notion of orthogonal...

Authors: Jie Wu, Qing He, Ran Zhou, Chao Hu, Q. H. Meng

Abstract: Precise extraction of facial feature points is fundamental to a variety of applications including face processing and human-machine...

Authors: Jia Dong Ju, Guo Ping Xia, Li Wang

Abstract: GDP and industrial investment funds-added are two major factors of measuring economic development for certain countries or regions. In this...

Authors: Can Wan, Zhao Yang Dong, Feng Ji Luo, Rui Wang, Ying Ying Chen, Ke Meng, Kit Po Wong

Abstract: This paper proposes a XML-based power heterogeneous data integrating framework. The tool uses XML to describe and model the objects of power...

Authors: Long Guo, Xiu Feng Zhang

Abstract: By research of simple tubular joints, thin-shell element analyses have been conducted for thousands of DTK joints frequently used in...

Authors: Li Xue, Xiu Zhi Yang, Ming Kui Zheng

Abstract: H.264/AVC standard uses rate-distortion optimization framework with heavy calculation and full search algorithm to select the best mode of...

Authors: Qian Cai Xiao, Ming Qi Li, Wen Qiang Guo

Abstract: In this paper, software Inet 3.0 is applied to generate topology, which randomly generates dynamic topology nodes. Based on dynamic shortest...

Authors: Jian Xin Chen, Yong Yi Guo, Mai Xia Lv

Abstract: Based on the characteristics of the highway design, this paper transfers all the factors involved in the highway design to a...

Authors: You Bing Feng, Rong Biao Zhang

Abstract: Regarding application with smooth variation of detection, spatial correlation of sensors’ data within a small field was applied to sensor...

Authors: Hong Fei Du, Ming Qi Li, Huan Wang, Tian Yun Shui

Abstract: A laundry detergent interval adding mode is proposed in this paper to deal with the case when the dirt is indissolvable by just adding once...


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