Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Li Zheng

Abstract: In this paper, a novel mobile robot is introduced. The mechanical structure, control system and the simplified dynamic model of the robot...

Authors: Yi Hong Hu, Guo Chu Shou, Zong Jue Qian, Hao Xing Shen

Abstract: Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) provides a solution of the converged access network for wired and wireless network. PON and WiMAX are the...

Authors: Qing Xiang Wu, Jian Mei Shuai, Xiao Shuang Lu

Abstract: In distributed data storage, a particular dataset can reside at multiple locations in order to get high availability .Thus, the dataset can...

Authors: Yuan Gao, Yin Sun, Chun Hui Zhou, Xin Su, Xi Bin Xu, Shi Dong Zhou

Abstract: With the rapid progress of standardization of 3GPP’s LTE (Long Term Evolution) and LTE-Advanced, many research attentions have been focused...

Authors: Jie Dong

Abstract: As the development of the modern workshop, the demand for water supply and heating system is more and more important. This paper comes from...

Authors: Gang Huang, Yuan Ming Long, Jin Hang Li

Abstract: Virtual prototype plays an important role in agile designing and manufacturing. Finite Element Analysis and multibody analysis software can...

Authors: Yan Kong, Yi Xiao Sun, Zhuang Lei

Abstract: This article mainly discussed the management of play buffer in streaming multimedia system. Based on this problem, this article raised one...

Authors: Kuen Suan Chen, Ching Hsin Wang, Tsang Chuan Chang

Abstract: Consumer electronic products have become an indispensable part of living for people with the development of information technologies....

Authors: Ming Qi Li, Yu Lin Liu

Abstract: Space-time coding has the advantage of simplicity on coding, easy to achieve full diversity transmission, and low complexity on decoding....

Authors: Jian Xiong Wang, Yuan Yong Feng, Ke Qi

Abstract: Design is one of the main activities in industrial manufacture. Researchers in the design field have an increasing number of opportunities...


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